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10 Ways To Give Your Space The Golden Touch Without Breaking The Bank

If you're like me, your eyes are definitely bigger than your bank account.

I could spend hours sifting through the gorgeous furniture and accessories at Anthropologie, I fall in love with a chair, an elegant bar cart, or a pendant lamp with little gold touches that give them all a tasteful sparkle.

But then, I look at the prices and I have to remind myself that there are more important, yet less exciting things to spend my money on, like groceries and probably an oil change. Sigh.

This gorgeous Haverhill Rocking Chair from Anthropologie is $898.00, not exactly within budget, but the gold-tipped arm rests gave me an idea...

So, I did a little Pinterest sleuthing and came up with this awesome (and cheap!) alternative to Anthropologie's golden touch. Just grab a few cans of glittery or matte gold spray paint and let your imagination run wild! To get you started, here are our top 20 favorites:

Bring a little bling to your morning routine with these gold-dipped coffee cups:

Handmade Charlotte has the right idea with these golden cups. Just as the pictures show, tape off the portion of your mug that you wish to be colored, spray on the gold paint, let it set, then peel off the tape. You can easily find plain, white mugs at your local dollar store, or even IKEA for under $3 USD.

We're a fan of this golden transformation

We've all got a cheap plastic fan kicking around the house. With a little elbow grease and a screw driver, take apart the cage and spray on for an elegant gold touch. You can find the project at Better Home And Gardens.

Get this golden glow!

This easy project adds a hidden touch of gold that really shines when you turn on the lamp. Look for flame-resistant fabric paints and layer on until you get the right color.  See how Design Meet Style does it here.

From simple chair to statement piece

These simple wooden chairs can be found at almost any thrift store, or maybe you already have one! Apartment Therapy uses copper spray paint to pump up the wow-factor on this chair, but you can just as easily go with gold and a soft pillow for warmth.

Gold dipped frames

By adding a simple touch of gold to the corners of these frames, you'll add a little glam to the room without getting gaudy. Check out how they did it at A Thoughtful Place.

Gold Striped Vases

With some carefully placed tape and a steady hand, you can have these beautiful vases for your table too! Just head on down the the dollar store and pick a glass vase for less than $3 USD, then work your spray paint magic! See the steps at Two Twenty One.

From cheap, plastic drawers to elegant office storage

For less than $30 USD, you can revamp your old craft caddie and have a beautiful place to store all your bits and bobs. Kelly Morrison shows you how it's done with a little patience and a touch of paint.

Use your kid's discarded toys to create this elegant elephant door stop

My Beautiful Mess @Max DeVore glued this toy elephant to a simple rubber door stop and spray painted the creation. Now she has a fun and glam feature for her room.

Kids big and small will get a kick out of this golden alphabet

If you've got the time and a full set of alphabet magnets, then we've got the project for you! Take your refrigerator poetry to a whole new level of classy with a little gold spray paint. Soon, your family will be spelling out the grocery list in style: caviar, anyone?

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