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A Look Inside The Gift Bags That VIP Grammy Guests Were Given

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TMZ / W3LiveNews

The Grammys are an exciting spectacle to behold no matter what you look for! There are the stunning outfits worn by celebrities looking to impress, the emotional and shocking acceptance speeches, and of course, the drama that unfolds at who wins and who doesn't.

But while some stars went home without awards, it didn't mean they left empty-handed!

VIP guests at the award show were all handed gift bags probably worth a lot more than any gilded statue, and it is truly amazing what they were given simply for showing up.

For the 60th anniversary of the award show, it seems like they didn't hold back with their selection of take-home items for the VIP's worth over $30,000 each!

Actress Kyana Teresa posted a sneak peek of the goodies that she received in her bag, but it was only a small taste at what the other stars got to keep!

So what does a Grammy gift bag look like?

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