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This Girl Was Almost Sent To Rehab By Accident, So Her Mom Made An Apology Cake

Rachel Gelmis had some serious explaining to do after she tested positive for meth, cocaine, heroin and marijuana during a school drug test.

Rachel's mom was concerned about her daughter's behavior so she asked the school to drug test her (which is something the school offers.) Rachel took the test, knowing she would be fine and not test positive. But much to her surprise the test came back saying she was basically on every drug ever.

Rachel's mom, Karen freaked out, as all mom's would, and discussed different rehab options with her daughter on the drive home. A few hours later, the school realized they completely messed up their results and informed Rachel's parents that she was, in fact, clean. The school had misread their findings, reporting the negative results as positive.

As an apology, Rachel's mom made her an "apology cake", reading "Sorry we thought you did meth...& coke & pot & heroin"

Even though this happened in 2012, the story is making headlines after it showed up on Rachel's Facebook memories. She posted the story on Twitter and it's instantly gone viral.

A lot of people have sent in their reactions to this story, most of whom are jealous that Rachel's mom was actually so chill about it.

To this day, the school has not issued an apology for their mistake. Although Rachel says they pretty much left her alone after that.

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