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His Christmas Prank Has His Daughter In Tears - But There Was A Very Happy Ending

Joy, sorrow, shock, disbelief, and confusion - amazingly this teen goes through all of these emotions and more in less than three minutes.

Things begin happily with a new car on Christmas morning, every teenager's dream of a Christmas gift.

But when the family moves outside, the girl is devastated by the lemon parked in their driveway. She manages to put on a brave face for a little while, but when dad leaves she breaks down. "You can't even roll down the windows!"

Luckily for the Christmas surprise didn't end there. Be sure to watch this video to the very end and you won't be disappointed either!

So many twists and turns! We're glad things turned out well in the end, but we also can't hold it against these parents for wanting to have a little fun, can you?

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