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Girl Scout Going Viral After Her Unconventional Selling Tactic Could Be In Big Trouble

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Selling Girl Scout cookies is almost like a right of passage for young girls. It's a fun experience where you not only get to bond with fellow troop members, but also partake in some friendly competition.

Last year, Girl Scouts of America made two major additions to their cookie business, introducing new flavors as well as online ordering. The new flavors are s'mores oriented (s'moreiented?), and were a huge success.

Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts

The cookies are also available to order on Amazon, which means you can have them shipped directly to your house. This tactic is a little controversial, because it takes away from the kids who are actually selling the cookies.

When one Girl Scout and her dad, who have chosen to remain anonymous, found a way to boost their own sales, it went completely viral. Problem is, it might have broken the rules.

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