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Girl Screams At Her Grandpa In Public Over An iPhone Appointment

Alright, so I try to defend today's youth at all costs. I think often times they are given a misunderstood reputation of being lazy and spoiled and often times that isn't the case.

And then something like this happens and I need to rethink my entire stance on the matter...

This girl and her grandfather are at the mall when she just starts going off on him because she's late for her iPhone appointment. It's unclear what they're standing in line for, but it's made apparent that at least one of them has to stay there.

The girl starts yelling and swearing at him about how she's missing the appointment...and also she's not wearing shoes? I guess the only way I can defend her is that she's not mad at HIM, I don't think. She's just mad that she's missing it. But regardless, this type of behavior is so beyond inappropriate. If I ever spoke to my parents or grandparents like that, you can bet I wouldn't even have a phone to be mad about!

WARNING: This video contains a lot of explicit language.

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