This Girl Swims With A Deadly Preditor

It may seem like this little girl is swimming with a yellow pool noodle, but, then she turns around - it moves! She is actually swimming with a huge albino, Burmese python! This is actually the family pet - she is 8 years old and her name is Sumatra. The kids have been handling her since she was a baby and she doesn't seem to mind that they're there, swimming right next to her.

The family lives in Redding, California and Sumatra has been been a popular guest at over 500 birthday parties and many schools in the area. The little girl is handed a pair of goggles and she dives into the water next to Sumatra. They glide around together, cool and calm as can be. At 1:00, the girl even swims underneath the python, who just floats along.

According to her handler, Corey Wallace, Sumatra is very gentle and has no interest in eating anything that is living. In his post, he explains that he had put a live chicken in the cage with her, but she wasn't interested. "I came in later to see if Sumatra had eaten and the chicken was walking around her cage, she would not touch it unless it was dead."

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