Girl Waves To Cop Every Day. Then One Day She Disappears And He Knows He Has To Help

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When Klynn Scales was a kid, there's no question she was struggling.

Her home was filled with drugs and violence and Klynn often had to look after her two brothers. She never really had hope or happiness until she met police Sgt. Jeff Colvin.

Every day, Sgt. Colvin would drive by the Scales residence and Klynn would greet him with a smile and a wave.

"Through all the bad situations, I would just picture him saying that he was here for us and that if we ever need him, he would be right there," Scales recalled. "He would always protect us, and so those words would come to me during the worst times of my childhood life."

Klynn Scales and her two brothersFox4 News

"He was that one person that I trusted in my life as a kid," Scales said.

Klynn Scales was too often left to provide for her brothers, and admits she would steal food from a local 7/11 to feed them.

One day Sgt. Colvin stopped by the house, but noticed something was wrong. Klynn didn't run to greet him and say hello.

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