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Gluten-Free Diet Can Increase Your Risk Of This Serious Chronic Disease

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There are two kinds of people in this world: The 1% who are gluten-intolerant and those who are not. While the first group have very valid reasons for adopting a gluten-free diet, the latter seem to be doing the same for the sake of being part of the health-conscious trend.

Whether you're already part of the fad or not, there's a new development scientists need you to know about before you jump on the gluten-free bandwagon.

Prior to turning into a trend, gluten-free diets were primarily used to treat celiac disease which affects roughly 1% of the population. Individuals with the disease experience inflammation in the small intestine upon consuming food with the gluten protein, so eliminating it from their diet helps manage the symptoms and avoid complications.

Since gluten is mostly found in grains, food that contain wheat, barley and rye are excluded from the diet. However, by entirely skipping certain food categories, the body may be deprived of essential nutrients that it needs to function well.

A recent study by Harvard University is warning health-conscious consumers about the risk of unnecessarily adopting a gluten-free diet.  

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