Go In Peace Little Herbie

We are sad to inform everyone that the world lost a little hero on July 16, 2016. Herbie's MRI showed severe hydrocephalus, developmental issues and a cyst along the right side of his brain which is causing the loss of ability on the left hand side of his body. Road Dogs & Rescue explains that "over the next couple of days, he slept most of the time, could only lay on his side and began to have seizures." Under the guidance of neurologist Dr. Berry at Southern California Animal Specialty Hospital in Irvine, Road Dogs & Rescue made the difficult decision with heavy hearts. Ultimately, it was Herbie's declining quality of life that was the deciding factor. In a post on Facebook they express how difficult the decision was, "I believe that decisions made from compassion, and knowledge of the truth, are the right ones. Still, it is really hard."

Photos courtesy of Road Dogs & Rescus

Herbie was just 12 weeks old when we introduced him to you earlier this month. He had hydrocephalus, which is fluid on the brain - a buildup of water inside the skull. This puts pressure on the brain and causes seizures, blindness, behavioral changes, sleepiness and even coma. Although our friends at Road Dogs & Rescue did everything they could to ease his suffering, his condition worsened. In their beautiful tribute to Herbie, they tell us that he was sleeping when he passed. "I am so grateful he is free of a body that would not serve his spirit.... Herbie's time here was too short. Still, he showed us that Special Needs dogs are truly special and everyone deserves a chance. " Rest in peace little hero.

If you were moved by little Herbie's struggle, and would like to help other dogs like him, donations can be made to Road Dogs & Rescue at on their website or Facebook page.

To find out how you can be a part of the tribute to Herbie's message of love and determination, send an email to with Herbie's Hero Journey in the subject line.

Pets are our family - have you ever had to make a tough decision like this one?

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