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Eating Lemons Could Have Serious Health Benefits

It's pretty straight-forward. Cut a lemon in half, put the juice in a glass, add equal parts water and warm in the microwave for 10 seconds. That's all it takes to get your body on the right track to feeling great again. You will notice the effects after a few consistent days of this routine and before you know it, your immune system will feel stronger, your joints better, your stomach more relaxed and even your skin could be clearer.

Lemons are packed with nutrients including vitamin C, B, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Fiber. Since lemon juice can be hard on the enamel of your teeth, it's important to dilute it with water before drinking it. For best results, drink it first thing in the morning 15-30 minutes before you eat anything, so that it can be absorbed by your body. The best part is that this is a natural and inexpensive regimen that will protect your body from colds and flu as well as help your organs operate in an optimal condition.  

Check out these great benefits from doing this simple routine daily:

1. Lemon is a great source of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that helps protect the body from immune system deficiencies.

2. Having warm lemon juice in the morning helps flush out toxins.

3. It helps with digestion.

4. It helps reduce pain and inflammation in joints and knees

5. It strengthens the liver

6. It helps give relief from heartburn

7. Since it is high in pectin fiber, it aids in weight-loss by helping to fight hunger cravings.  

8. Step aside Metamucil, because this natural cure will help regulate bowel movements.

9. It can help revitalize your skin

10. Warm lemon water can help regulate blood pressure by up to 10%.

11. It gives you energy and makes you feel more relaxed.

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