Sad Truth You Didn't Know About Popular Kitten Rescue Video

When firefighter Corey Kalanick walked into the smoke-filled home, he probably wasn't sure what he would find. As he turns the corner, viewers sees what he sees, a tiny kitten unconscious on the living room floor. He picks up the helpless animal and signals to his partner that he is taking the little cat outside.

He sets the motionless little body on the ground and kneels down next to the kitten. He rests its little head on his glove and places a small oxygen mask on the kitten's face and pours cold water over a cloth on it's body. After a few tense moments, the tiny creature opens its eyes and shakes off the water. It begins to meow and the firefighter snuggles it into the crook of his arm.

If you're crying, keep the tissues handy. It actually took half an hour, an entire tank of oxygen, a child's oxygen mask and constant massging to revive little Lucky the kitten. He was then rushed to the Central California SPCA and and onto an emergency vet.

Sadly, Lucky did not survive the night.

According to Beth Caffrey of Central California SPCA, young animals don't often recover form the damage done to their lungs. Even though Lucky didn't make it, he was certainly well cared for by the loving hands of a hero. The video was posted in September 2013 and now has over 31 million views.

On the original video, firefighter Kalanick thanks everyone for their support. He writes that pet oxygen masks were donated to the department - enough for every rig. The money earned from the ads on the original video was donated to the local emergency vet for the treatment of other animals affected by disasters.

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