Gordon Ramsay Drops His Pants And Bares All

Y'know how there's that one celebrity you find attractive but you can't pinpoint why?

Whether it's their hair, their smile, their accent, or their attitude...you just feel connected to them.

For a lot of people (myself included) that person is Gordon Ramsay.

Sure, he's a screaming monster on Hell's Kitchen, but have you seen him with kids on Masterchef Junior? He's so precious!!

One of Ramsay's most watched shows in Kitchen Nightmares. The premise is pretty simple: Ramsay heads to a restaurant or hotel where it's basically falling apart and he tries to fix it. Sounds simple, but it can be a pretty big task for a lot of these places.

Fans have to sit and watch as Gordon Ramsay along with his team try to resurrect a terrible venue, but what happened in the most recent episode will surely keep some fans' interest peaked for next week.

It starts with Gordon getting out of bed at a trashy hotel.


And it end with Gordon Ramsay's bare butt in the shower.


Look at that lil' toosh!!


He booty bops the door so hard it opens up!!

It's definitely a different type of 'cheeky' than we're used to from Gordon Ramsay, but hey. Who's complaining?

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