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Nikki Hamblin And Abbey D'Agostino Are What The Olympic Spirit Is All About

The women's 5000m race was going pretty well for most runners, until New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin tripped on the inside curb of the track causing USA's Abbey D'Agostino to fall down with her.

D'Agostina helped Hamblin up and the pair began running again. Only a few paces in, D'Agostino started to fall back. When Hamblin turned back, the American appeared to be injured and obviously discouraged by the fall she sat motionless on the track for several seconds. Hamblin turned back and tried to encourage her opponent forward but she remained on the ground.

These two athletes show incredible sportsmanship and really embody the spirit of the games:


One final lap for D'Agostino and she walks gratefully into Hamblin's hug - way to go!


Hamblin went on and it seemed as though D'Agostino wouldn't finish, but as cameras panned back to the American athlete, she was back up on her feet and running towards the finish line. The look of relief and happiness shone on the smile on her face as she embraced Hamblin.

Hamblin and D'Agostino successfully protested their disqualification and will advance through to the Olympic final. They will race again on Friday, August 19 in Rio.

The spirit friendship and coming together in sport is what these games are all about! Don't forget to Like and Share!

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