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Government-Approved Haircuts And 14 Other Weird Facts About North Korea

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Lately the tiny country of North Korea has made some very big headlines here in America. But most of us don't know much about the country or its strange customs.

Here are 15 of the weirdest facts about North Korea and its laws:

1. They built a fake city

After North and South Korea split, the small communist country built a city called Kijong-Dong (or Peace Village) along the border, but it wasn't like any other city on earth. Kijong-Dong was a total fake, with no residents and buildings that had no glass in the windows.

Street sweepers and actors would even move around the streets on a circuit to convince South Korea that the city was bustling, but nobody believed the ruse for long.

The phony city also includes the world's biggest flagpole, topped by a 300 pound North Korean flag.

2. It's not 2017 in North Korea

The date in North Korea is counted beginning on the birthday of their first leader, Kim Il-Sung. That means North Koreans are living in the year 105.

3. Their space program could use some work

While the country's missile tests always make the news, they also have a satellite program that gets less attention. Only 2 of North Korea's 5 satellite launches were successful, although they insist their first one worked like a charm. So what are these satellites doing? Broadcasting patriotic songs into space, according to the regime.

4. Most drugs are legal there

Surprisingly, the North Korean government actually encourages farmers to grow opium on their unused land, which is sold to other countries. Marijuana is also legal, and is said to be so common that it grows on the side of the road.

Meanwhile, in North Korea a bad hair day could be criminal.

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