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Grammy Winner Sued Over His Childhood Photo

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A photographer has sued Bruno Mars over a photograph he posted on social media.

Born Peter Hernandez, Mars was just 4-years-old when the picture was snapped by Catherine McGann in 1989, she captured the time when the singer worked as the world's youngest Elvis Presley impersonator.

Young Bruno Mars
Catherine McGann

McGann claims she still owns the copyright of the photo, and was shocked when she saw it make its rounds on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a "Way Back Wednesday" trend back in June.

The A-lister has spoken about his early beginnings in the music industry, and what inspired him to become a "The King of Rock and Roll" impersonator.


"As a kid, I didn’t know what he was singing about, it was just the fact that he got the girls screaming," Mars told Parade.

"That’s what I was freaking out about, like, 'Man, all I gotta do is shake my leg? I want to do that one day,'" he added.

While an endearing story, McGann is asking for more than just recognition from Mars.

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