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Grandad's Reaction to Being Offered a Seat is Priceless

Offering up your seat to an elderly passenger on public transit is considered an act of kindness, but I guess it's unfair to assume that every person over the age of 55 needs a seat. But it's still polite to offer. Lord knows if you don't, you'll get death stares from everyone else on board. A Texas grandad, Wayne McEntire, shattered all stereotypes when someone offered him a spot on the underground in England. McEntire politely declined the seat, but what he did next shocked everyone on board.

Everything was captured on Snapchat by McEntire's 19-year-old grandson, Britton Barker. After declining the seat, McEntire walked down the subway car to where there were empty seats and promptly hoisted himself horizontally. I'm not kidding.

LOOK AT THAT. I can barely get up from my desk chair without mentally prepping myself, and Wayne is pulling tricks like this?! According to his grandson, McEntire works out every single day doing light weight max reps, which is better for his joints.

Well whatever it is you're doing Wayne, it's working. Can you imagine the look on the faces of the people around him? They probably all looked like this guy.

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