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Grandpa Fined For Spending "Too Long" At Local McDonald's

Robert Newton has been fined 100 Euro, or $111 USD for spending too long in a McDonald's parking lot.

Newton was on his way to pick up his grandkids so he stopped at a local McDonald's to get a chicken wrap. He ate for 10 minutes in his car, then drove off to get his granddaughter and grandson.

On the way back, Newton brought his grandkids to the same McDonald's to get them each a Happy Meal. He parked the car once again and they ate in the car, leaving shortly after.

But a little while later, Newton received a letter from the company that owns the parking area (which is not McDonald's), claiming he owed them 100 Euro for spending more than two hours on the land.

"The letter said I'd been parked there for 123 - that's more than two hours," Newton said.


"It is stupid their cameras can clock me going in for my meal but not going out again but can then clock me going out later with the grandchildren. The system does not work properly and getting a letter telling me I owe £100 is not a laughing matter," says Newton. He intends to appeal the fine.


McDonald's released a statement, saying:

"At a number of our restaurants, parking restrictions are in place to ensure there is adequate parking for all customers. Where restrictions are in place, we work with industry-approved contractors to ensure any restrictions are clearly signposted and communicated. McDonald's does not profit from any penalty charges and if a customer feels they have been wrongly ticketed we would encourage them to get in touch with the third party contractor who issued the ticket."

Do you think the fine was fair? Let us know!

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