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After Growing His Hair For Two Years This Ten Year Old Boy Donates It All To Kids Battling Cancer

Kids once again prove that they can be completely awesome. Ten year old Thomas Moore saw a video two years ago of a girl named Kyssi Andrews who had lost all of her hair during chemotherapy treatment and he wanted to help. He decided right before his 8th birthday that he would grow his hair long enough that he could donate it to kids battling cancer. That is a pretty impressive decision for a seven year old kid!

He grew his hair for the two years, almost giving up a few times but his family would remind him of why he was doing it and he decided to keep going. His Aunt, Amber Ray, who tweeted the picture of her nephews transformation said that it got so long at one point they had to put it into cornrows which poor Thomas was not a fan of.

The tweet that Ray posted had a side by side photo of Thomas before and after the cut, with his long hair tied off in ponytails to get as much length as possible.

Thomas' donation was more than enough hair for one wig to be made, his hair alone will be able to create three different wigs! He stated that he "just wanted it to be long enough to make the girl happy."


Thomas didn't only make the little girl happy, he also warmed the heart of the cynical internet, with comments on the photo praising the generous kid.

Thomas' mother is surprised but happy that the tweet has gone viral, stating that "I think it's really fantastic that he felt like he could do something so selfless to help somebody else so much". It's amazing that this kid was able to raise awareness for a cause that sometimes is forgotten. If you want to donate your hair check out Locks of Love and see if your hair qualifies.

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