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Groom Shares Emotional Dance With Mom Battling ALS

Luke Rheault's mom Becky was diagnosed with ALS one year before his wedding date.

As months passed, her condition got worse to the point where she had to use a wheelchair.

But if you think that was going to stop her from dancing with her son at his wedding in November 2008, think again.

Kristeena, Luke's bride, said it was the most emotional moment she's ever witnessed.

"She passed away less than a year later, September 2009. The last time we saw her was August 2009 --just before she passed away. The disease progressed so quickly, she was gone less than 2 years after she was diagnosed," says Kristeena.

Becky leaves behind six children and several grandkids.

Take a look at the touching video. It made me cry! Get your tissues ready.

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