Groom Surprises Wedding Guests With His Awesome Dance!

This video has one awesome surprise after another.

First, this couple really made their wedding party pull double duty. Those dancers in the bright green dresses doing their step routine are actually the bridesmaids! And the dancer that leads them in the second half is the happy bride. Imagine, she had to help plan the wedding AND learn her steps, it's too much!

Then, just when you thought you'd seen everything, the groom gets in on the action. The bride, Roisin, has a background in dance, which is why she planned this special dance for the reception. Her husband James, on the other hand, really had his work cut out for him leaning this stuff.

But I feel like he totally pulled it off, don't you?

Now how's that for a first dance? Other couples might think this is a cute idea to copy for their own weddings, but be sure to ask your wedding party if they're up for it, because this looks like a lot of work!

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