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Gross Milk Being Served To Students Is Pretty Much Flubber

So...this is gross.

Catskill High School in New York is under serious scrutiny right now, after one of its students posted a video of the milk they're being served at lunch on YouTube. It basically looks like silly putty.

The account is credited to a Lionel Harris, whether or not that's his real name is undetermined. According to students, everyone complains about how awful the milk is but nothing is ever done to fix it.

Check out the video, although if you have a bad gag reflex you might want to look away.

The video clearly shows an expiry date of December 2nd 2016, which isn't until 5 days after this video is shot.

The milk has basically turned into sludge, which usually occurs after milk is left out for longer than 6 hours, then refrigerated. The milk curdles and then cools, which is why it turns to this mud type substance.

The school has yet to comment on the situation, although I'm sure they've seen the video by this point.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments!

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