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Pocky Brings The Bar To You With New Amber Whisky Flavor

You might recognize Pocky as the tasty little Japanese snack dipped in a sweet coating, with the most satisfying crunch.

In a bid to elevate the already delicious snack, Glico decided to boost the flavor experience of Chocolate Pocky.

The new wisky-infused Pocky promises to be a deliciously chocolaty grown-up experience.

The Pocky stick is made from pretzel kneaded with wort - a sugary liquid made from mashing malted barley in hot water that is then fermented and distilled.

Sounds classy, right?

Chocolate is a classic match with whisky, so the pairing is only a natural combination for this sweet treat. It's not available in America yet, but when it gets here, I'm definitely trying it! Would you?

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