Guilty Dog Can't Even Make Eye Contact With His Owner

When this adorable dog's owner came home one day, he was already making this guilty face, so she had to investigate what he'd done wrong.

Sure enough, her bed had been ripped apart and Louie, this pit bull and Newfoundland mix, was to blame. But as you can see in this video, Louie is a master of the "puppy dog eyes," and even his owner admits it's "really hard to be mad" when he's this cute.

Hopefully this guilty pooch acts out again, because we'd love to see another video of his guilty sulking. Just try and see how long you can stay mad at this face!

You almost feel sorry for Louie, even though he should be in big trouble for what he did! Obviously that tasty mattress wasn't worth upsetting his owner.

Does you dog act guilty too? Let us know!

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