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They're Finally Going On A First Date, After Planning It For 3 Years

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Josh Avsec / Michelle Arendas

This couple have a relationship straight out of a romantic comedy, but after 3 years they still haven't had their "love at first sight" moment. That's because these students from Kent State University met online back when the dating app Tinder first launched.

Josh Avsec / Michelle Arendas

Dating apps have a reputation for leading to short relationships based on looks more than personal connections, but 22-year-old Josh Avsec and 21-year-old-Michelle Arendas seem like they've really clicked.

Their budding romance started back in 2014, when the app connected these two. Josh messaged Michelle in September, but she had removed the app from her phone. By the time she added it back, it was already late November.

Josh sensed that Michelle "seemed a little different from other girls he had messaged online, so he played up her long absence with a joke of this own, waiting 2 months to message her again.

Michelle was surprised to even hear back from Josh after disappearing for a month, so she kept the ball rolling. The joke kept going, with a message between the pair once every month or so.

The longest break lasted almost a year. It was just a private joke between Josh and Michelle, until he shared it online and things got a little out of hand.

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