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10 Hacks To Clean Your House You'll Seriously Thank Us For Later

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6. Clean the drain in your sink with a few common household items.

Sprinkle the surface of your kitchen sink with baking soda, then scrub with a toothbrush. Slice up lemon and place it in the drain opening, and let hot water run over it to clean the grime in your drain.

7. Rub faucets with wax paper.

The wax will help to prevent water spots, finger prints, grime, and everything else that makes your stainless steel beauties look like they've never been washed before.

8. Use an iron to remove stubborn stains from carpet.

Make sure to put a washcloth between the iron and the carpet to avoid burns. Then, let the steam get to work on lifting those stubborn stains.

9. Use car wax to keep dust off your vents.

Cleaning air vents is cumbersome and boring. To help make your life easier, use car wax to clean your vents, and the best part is that they'll stay dust-free longer!

10. Clean in between the glass on your oven with a coat hangar.

Attach a moist cloth to a metal coat hangar and get access in between the glass on your oven through the bottom of your oven door.

Which hack will be most useful for you this holiday season? Let us know!

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