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11 Hacks For The Best DIY Manicure

Most of us love having our nails done. It can be a fresh start, a fun reward, a girl's night out, any reason to paint our nails is a good reason.

But it can get pretty expensive to get your nails done all the time. And then when you try to do it at home, your nails chip or get messy or you can't perfect the accuracy a nail technician has.

It CAN be easy to get salon-quality nails at just have to get creative!

Here are some of our tips and tricks to getting professional-looking manicures all by yourself.

1.  Use ice water to dry your nails in 3 minutes.

Let them air dry for a couple minutes, then submerge them!

2. Use nail glue or super glue to fix a broken nail.

No need to rip the whole nail off. Glue it, let it dry, then use a nail file to buff it.

3. Make your own nail dotting tool.

Get pins with different heads (or small finishing nails) and put them into the erasers of pencils. Now you can make those fun dotted patterns yourself!

4. Use cooking spray to set your manicure and prevent smudges

The oil spray will set your nails and give you a worry-free manicure.

5. Apply your top coat along the tip of your nail.

This seals your designs and color to prevent any chipping or peelings.

6. Whiten your nails after removing dark colors.

Stained nails are no fun. Use whitening toothpaste to get that excess color off and start fresh!

7. Use a tiny paint brush to get rid of mistakes.

8. Use a bunch of small layers, instead of one thick one.

Each smaller layer will dry quickly, whereas one thick layer will only dry on top, which is why you can get smudged nails even after you thought they dried.

9. Use Vaseline around your nails to prevent errant brush strokes

The Vaseline will stop any runaway nail polish from getting on your skin and it's easy to wash off!

10. Humidity is just awful.

Humid air means your nails will take twice as long to dry. It can also cause bubbling under the nail polish. Wait extra long for your nails to dry if it's humid.

11. Fans do nothing.

The only thing fans do to your nails is make them bubble. Fans don't help dry your nails whatsoever, so don't even bother!

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