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Hair Loss Might Be A Thing Of The Past! Scientists Have Found A Drug That Cures Some Forms Of Baldness

Hair loss is a a problem that many people face. But recent studies might be close to figuring out how to help those with Male Patterned Baldness regrow their hair. A study conducted at Stanford and Yale and included 66 patients suffering from alopecia areata which causes the total loss of hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes. The patients were given a drug called Xeljanz, which is typically used to treat arthritis and other autoimmune diseases and more than half of the patients saw regrowth.


A third of the patients recovered more than 50% of the lost hair. Another study tried the drug Jakafi (typically for cancer treatment) and found similar hair growth. Researchers are hoping that these recent studies will help them discover how to stop hair loss for those without alopecia. Even though the Xeljanz gave the patients back some hair, many still had receding hair line. In order to manage this, dermatologists have developed an ointment out of the drug that can be rubbed directly onto the scalp to grow back hair in targeted areas. They used mice to test it out, placing the ointment only on half of their bodies and the results were impressive.

Obviously human skin is different than that of a mouse so they will need to tailor it more to account for the thicker more oily skin on a scalp before it will be suitable for human use. But it's still quite an achievemnet! Would you use this kind of drug if it made your hair grow back?

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