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10 Creative Halloween Makeup And Costumes Anyone Can Do

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With most spooky time of year is just around the corner, it's time to get your best Halloween looks out.

Don't worry we have you covered with ten DIY makeup and costume ideas to make you party ready in no time!

1. Wonder Woman

With the premiere of Wonder Woman on the big screen this year, Diana Prince has become an inspiration to women everywhere. Look like the iconic superhero in her classic comic book form!

2. Pennywise

Following up with another movie inspiration, try doing this glam twist of Pennywise, the horrifying clown, from the movie IT.

3. Morticia Addams

Want to stay human this Halloween? Pay homage to Morticia Addams from the cult classic, The Addams Family.

4. Scarecrow

Scarecrows may be quintessential in autumn to keep the crows away, but following this tutorial will definitely get people flocking to you at any party!

5. Skeleton

Skeletons are a classic Halloween staple, so go the extra mile with a spooky skull makeup look.

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