Handicapped Poodle Walks Again With Her New Wheelchair

One of the hardest parts of caring for an elderly dog is when they develop a disability. For a lot of dogs, losing one of their senses or not being able to walk can be the end of the line.

As painful as it is to say goodbye to a member of the family, when it gets too expensive or time consuming to look after a dog, there's nothing else to do but say goodbye.

Thankfully, new technologies are products are making it easier to keep dogs healthy as they get older.

Gracie the poodle wasn't able to walk, but after she was fitted for a cute, new pink walker, she couldn't stop rolling her way through the parking lot.

You can see on her face that she's so excited to walk around with her family again. The good people at Handicapped Pets made this clever harness that helps hold Gracie up she only has to steer herself.

They have a whole line of products to help dogs stay mobile, from harnesses to wheelchairs and even ski attachments for the winter.

The company's founder, Mark Robinson, came up with the idea after his keeshond Mercedes had to be put down because of a medical condition. Robinson was frustrated with the lack of options vets provided for pet owners with elderly, sick and disabled pets, so he created a company to provide solutions for them.

Today Handicapped Pets has become a big success, and they even make an annual calendar featuring dogs wearing their products.

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