There Is A Scientific Reason Why You Hate The Sound Of Your Own Voice

Have you ever heard a recording of your voice? Even hearing my name on my voicemail used to make me cringe. A lot of people hate the sound of their own voice because they think it sounds so different than how they thought it did. Why is that? Brainstuff has explained the scientific answers in a video that might help you feel a little bit better about the fact that your voice is a lot higher than you thought.


Apparently there are two ways you hear your voice. The first is through the air caused by the sound waves your voice creates. The second is the reason that recordings of you manage to turn what you thought was a deep voice into something resembling a cartoon chipmunk.  


At the same time that your voice is traveling through the air, it is also sending vibrations through your skull and bones. As these vibrations make their way through your body they lower the frequency so by the time the sound makes it to the skin and flesh on the outer ear your voice sounds lower.


So when you go to listen to a recorded version of your voice you are only hearing the sound waves that travel directly through your eardrum, not through your skull and bones. Once it reaches the cochlea the sound waves travel to your brain but they are missing the changed frequency that normally occurs when it travels through all your skeleton as well. That is what makes it so cringe-worthy to hear your voice played back to you and why I stick to lip-syncing.

Check out the video below for more information on why your voice makes you feel strange.

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