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Have A Responsible Summer, Follow These Pool Rules

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Is there anything better on a hot summer day than jumping into a cool pool? Not really!

Whether it's your own pool, the public pool, or at a neighbor's house, going swimming is a classic summer activity that always ends up fun.

However, to make sure that fun doesn't turn to danger, it's important to follow some basic pool rules. Even if it's not at your own house, there are things you should be monitoring whenever you're near water...especially with children.

Before you take your family for a swim this summer, make sure everyone is aware of the basic safety involved!

1. Build a fence surrounding the pool with a self-latching gate.

This is important even if you're at a neighbor's house. Kids often don't realize the dangers a pool can pose, so ensuring there is a safety feature to make the pool less accessible is crucial. Sometimes it's not pool time, but the little ones want it to be.

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2. Make sure there's a non-slip surface around the pool (also, don't run!)

"No running!" is the rule everyone remembers from the public pool. But sometimes, it just happens. That's why it's important to have a non-slip surface, so it's less likely the wet sides of the pool pose an immediate threat. You can only do so much to control rambunctious children!

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3. ALWAYS make sure an adult is supervising.

And if you are the adult, make sure you are doing a head count regularly. Teach kids from a young age that the pool is only to be used when a trusted adult is there, and is never a solo activity.

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4. Keep pool chemicals locked up and away from kids.

Read the labels and NEVER add chemicals while people are in the pool.

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Continue reading to learn more about how to keep your family safe at the pool this year.

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