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Have Another Cup: People Who Drink The Most Coffee Live The Longest

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Planet earth practically runs on coffee: it takes 2.25 billion cups each day to keep this big ol' world of ours running, and if you're responsible for drinking a few of those just to get your morning started, we have some good news.


We already know that coffee is one of the best things you can drink, because it helps pretty much every part of your body. Anyone who needs a few cups to wake up can tell you that coffee gives you energy, but it also improves your mood, memory, and reaction times.

It's even been proven to ward off Alzheimer's and dementia. And that's just the start of the impressive benefits coffee drinkers get: caffeine is proven to help burn fat, reduce inflammation, and help prevent type 2 diabetes, plus every cup has a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients like riboflavin and

Now, a massive study of coffee lovers from the U.S., UK and Japan has uncovered even more benefits to waking up with a cup of Joe (or 3).

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