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Have You Heard Of Glitter Roots? Celebs are Rocking Them on the Red Carpet

Instagram is not known for having easily imitated trends. Electric Eyebrows, Strobbing, and extreme controuring all take a lot of time and effort and don't really lend themselves to daily use. One of the newer trends that seemed to appear over the Christmas season last year was "Glitter Roots". The trend has apparently survived the summer, as it was spotted on Teen Wolf Actress, Holland Roden at the 2016 VMAs.

Apparently her makeup artist Elle Leary mixed together hair gel and Glitter Powder to apply it to the hair, but it has a lot of people wondering how to get the glitter to stay on your roots and not end up everywhere on your face and body. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the glitter to stay where you want it.


Tape the line out and use Eyeliner

This shows you that you don't have to go too crazy with the glitter, just a thin line down the part is enough to add that little bit of sparkle you wanted. It looks like she just puts a small amount of the powder on and then hairsprays it so that it will stay.

Use a Hair Wax to get your roots a little bit sticky first

If you run the wax through the roots it will give the glitter something to stick to. Don't just dump the glitter on your head though, make sure you just take little bits at a time until you get your desired effect.This tutorial recommends that if you are going for a more subtle look, you could brush the glitter through the hair once you have applied it. Check out her tips here.

Hair Gel Mixture and a paint brush

Maybe a little bit easier to control, take any craft glitter you might have and get yourself some strong hold hair gel. In a container, mix together about 15-20 g of hair gel with 4-5 g of glitter and stir. Then, simply apply the glitter where you want it in your hair and do not touch it until it is dry otherwise you are going to get glitter everywhere. Once dry, apparently it won't move. Full tutorial here.

Use Glitter to hide your regrowth between stylist visits

Who has time to get their roots done as soon as they appear? People are using glitter to hide the fact that their hair has grown in and you have to admit it looks pretty magical.

So maybe Glitter Roots aren't the most practical hair style, but they are kind of cool for a special event or if you want to feel like you are living in a Lisa Frank folder for a day!


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