"What do you mean? How dare you!" 1975 Video Surfaces of Helen Mirren Shutting Down Sexist Questions

Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren is one of the most elegant actresses around. But don't get on her bad side.

In a recent interview, Mirren alluded to an interview she had done in 1975, where she was asked horribly sexist questions. The interviewer, Michael Parkinson, was completely out of line on many occasions, including one where he said Mirren was "especially telling in projecting sluttish eroticism."


Helen Mirren, ever the professional, continued the interview, but not without getting her chance to land a few punches. When Parkinson asks if Mirren thinks her "equipment" (IE her breasts) hinder her from being a "serious actress,".

Take a look at her response. Mirren is not taking any of this guy's misogynistic crap.

You can find the full interview here.

Part 1

Part 2

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