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How Many Of The 10 Weirdest Candy Flavors Have You Tried?

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You may have sampled one of every chocolate bar and candy you can find at your local grocery store, but companies are always releasing special flavors that you may not know about.

Some of these special treats were only released for a short time, while others are very popular - but only in foreign countries.  

You may never have the chance to sample some of these bizarre flavors, but they're worth remembering as pioneers that pushed our taste buds in new and exciting directions.

If you've tried at least 2 of these unique candy creations, feel free to call yourself an honorary doctor of junk food.

1. White Cheesecake M&Ms

Valentine's Day is always just around the corner, and these decadent M&Ms are perfect for the occasion. These come in special holiday colors and have white cheesecake filling instead of chocolate.

2. Soy Sauce Kit Kats (and 300 other flavors)

While most countries are lucky to have one special Kit Kat flavor, in Japan the crispy snack is beloved for its dozens of limited edition chocolates. Other savory flavors include corn, Gouda cheese, Miso soup, sake, and wasabi. Yum?

3. Red Velvet Oreos

Oreos have been the best selling cookies in the United States since 1912, and it's easy to see why with special flavors like this Red Velvet variety, which had both Red Velvet cookies and cream cheese filling.

4. Hershey's Chocolate Twizzlers

Licorice purists may insist on sticking to the classic red variety, but Twizzlers loves to experiment with new combinations. If you love Hershey's chocolate, these twisted treats might be for you.

5. Skittles Confused?

This might be the most mean-spirited candy ever made. Not only did Skittles swap the flavors in their famous candy so the colors don't match, but the label mocks you for not being in on the joke.  At least you can get your revenge by eating all those confusing little candies.

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