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This Hawai'ian Beauty Trends Video Covers 100 Years Of Style Evolution In Just Over 1 Minute

Hawai'i is the newest subject of a Cut Video's 100 Years beauty series. This elegant compilation of women's style shows the evolution of Hawai'ian love for natural aesthetic, bold colours and connection to tradition.

Their Pinterest board compares still shots of the video to sources of Hawai'ian style inspiration. Surfers, models and princesses and protesters influenced beauty trends throughout history.

The final image pays homage to the successful viral protest against plans to build an 18-storey telescope on Mauna Kea mountain. Game of Thrones hottie Jason Momoa and Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger fuelled the celebrity protest online.

       100 Years of Beauty - Hawai'i

1970s: Miss Hawaii Leinaala Teruya, with a hibiscus flower in her hair, becomes the iconic image of Hawaiian Airlines. Communities are besieged by development spurred by an influx of rich haoles (white Americans from the mainland). Facing eviction, Hawaiians protested. Activists protested the U.S.'sCut Video

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