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Adorable Cat With An Unusual Face Can't Stop "Smiling"

When he was a kitten, Monty was surrendered to an animal shelter. He waited a long time for his forever family, but when they found him at three years old, it was love at first sight!

Monty now lives with his people and two other cats in Copenhagen. He went from being lost and alone to one of the most famous cats of the internet!

Recently this adorable video of Monty snuggling with his human Dad has gone viral and we can totally see why!  

Look at the love on Monty's face! This is kitty heaven.

Monty's chromosomal anomaly caused him to be born without a nasal bridge bone. This abnormality makes it difficult for him to breath, and he sneezes quite a bit more than other cats. But, it doesn't stop him from being a cuddlebug.

This sweet face is an internet ambassador for special needs pets and advocate for shelter animal adoption.  He even has his own jewelry line - proceeds from it go right to helping other special animals in need!

Just like Romeo, Monty reminds us all that special kitties deserve just as much love and affection.

We hope that when you're ready to adopt your next pet, that you'll consider a special cat like Monty!

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