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He Attached a Camera To His Guide Dog To Show What Commuting While Blind Is Like

If you think your daily trip to work is hard, imagine doing the whole thing with your eyes closed.

That's what Amit Patel goes through every day trying to get around London with his guide dog, Kika. While finding their way around the city and the busy train system is hard enough, Patel says that his fellow passengers make things even harder for him.

Every day, Patel records his trip using a GoPro camera attached to Kika's collar, and each night his wife Seema looks at the footage with him. What he records is shocking and ignorant treatment by people around Patel and Kika every day, like this clip where he's ignored for minutes by railway workers.

Patel is a former emergency room doctor who began losing his sight five years ago because of a condition called keratoconus. Today his right eye is completely blind, and while he has very limited vision in his left eye, he suffers from eye pain every day.

He relies on Kika to help navigate around his city. All guide dogs need special training, but Kika is one of just 5 percent of dogs who can guide their owners on escalators.

Unfortunately, impatient commuters often push back Kika on the escalator, some even hit her with bags or umbrellas to make her move.

"One lady even said I should apologize to the people behind her for holding them up," Patel told Metro, "I asked her if I should apologize for being blind and she said 'yes.'"

All of this affects Kika, and when things get really bad she can't do her job, leaving Patel stuck.

"I can feel how upset she gets," he says, "and when I get upset she senses it as well - and she won't go on escalators for days.

Other days, people will refuse to give up their seats for Patel and Kita. His camera even caught one woman putting her bag in the seat next to her.

Patel has taken action to try and make things better, he sent the video of railway workers ignoring him to the London Transit Comission, who say they're giving their staff extra training.

What's heartbreaking is that while most people refuse to give up their seats for Kika, she risks everything to help her owner. She was once grazed by a car trying to help Patel cross the street.

Let's hope people learn to be a little more considerate! Until then, hopefully Patel's camera will catch anyone mistreating him and Kika.

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