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He Can Only Pick 1 Of 2 Gifts And His Choice Sends People To Tears

Society often discredits kids for a lot of things.

"They're too selfish."

"They only ask, never give."

"They're never appreciative."

"They just don't UNDERSTAND."

And y'know what? Sometimes that's true. Because they're kids and are still learning.

But I think we need reminders now and again that kids are actually much more intuitive than we give them credit for.

The Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls Club did a challenge with their kids to see how they would react. Each child was asked what they really, really want for Christmas. They were also asked what their parents want. The kids are presented with BOTH gifts, the one they want and the one their parents want.

The challenge: you can have the gift you want...OR you can have the gift your mom or dad wants. But you only get one.

Watching the kids choose between the two gifts gave me goosebumps. They really proved that we need to give kids more credit than we do. Check it out!

Do you think your kids would make the right choice?

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