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He Couldn't Believe What This Officer Pulled Him Over For

Wayne Blackmore worried he was going to get a ticket when a police officer pulled him over, but he got something special instead.

Wayne was driving with his wife Michelle when he was stopped. The officer explained that he was missing his front license plate, and Wayne immediately tattled on his wife. Apparently, she made him take it off because it looks "dorky."

But when the officer lectured him for the infraction, he revealed something surprising.

“And as a parent," he said, "we also have to make sure we’re good role models. And seeing as how you’re in that boat now, don’t you think it’s important to do the same?"

This was the first time Wayne had been told he was going to be a father. Right away the officer presented him with a photo and his wife showed him a positive pregnancy test.

Michelle managed to completely fool her husband. He'd even rolled the window down and stuck his hands out, genuinely convinced he was being pulled over.

In a Facebook post about the surprise, Michelle revealed that she's gone through two rounds of in-vitro fertilization, and the couple had just come back from the Czech Republic for the procedure, so this announcement was really special.

Just like there's no roadmap through IVF, there's nothing on the other side telling you how to handle the next steps. I'...

Posted by Michelle Blackmore on Sunday, February 5, 2017

This will definitely be a moment this couple will remember for the rest of their lives!

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