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A Homeless Man Surrenders His Dog And Saves Her Life

They say that the purest form of love is an act of selfless surrender. Few of us experience such a gift, but that is exactly what sweet Sheba was given when her master surrendered her to the East Bay SPCA in Oakland, California.

A disheveled man approached the clinic on his bike with a little black dog limping beside him. Her name was Sheba and she had a fractured leg. The staff soon found out that it had been broken in a dog fight which was an accident, it was not her fault. The man tried to dress and care for the wound himself, but there was some serious swelling and a very dangerous infection had set in.

While she may have been in pain, she was so good natured that she did not show it. But the man knew his dog better.

He knelt down in front of her and kissed her and said "I love you. This is the best thing that I can do for you." Then he surrendered her and walked away.

The team of veterinarians at the SPCA got to work immediately. Sweet Sheba was sedated and x-rays were taken of her leg. The fracture was so severe that there was no guarantee she would heal well, even after surgery. Dr. Gwen Gadd, who cared for Sheba made the decision to amputate. This was the best call for Sheba's mental and physical health because the risk of a long and painful rehabilitation process was too great. There was no guarantee she would fully recover her leg.

When this gentle black Labradore/Shepherd mix awoke, her true heart shone through. She was loving and very affectionate. Sheba curled up in Dr. Gadd's lap, as they nursed her back to health.

Not long after herr incredible recovery, Sheba was adopted into her forever home. Her new owner, Cecily, has renamed her Gracie. Now they go on adventures to the park and by the waterfront. Gracie loves to run and boy, is she fast! "There is something very deeply happy and energetic about her that is just kind of contageous," says Cecily, "she's amazing."

They say if you love something let it go - this beautiful dog blossomed thanks to one man's selfless heart .

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