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Friends Pull Off Wrapping Paper Prank On This Total Scrooge

Beautiful Christmas lights, hot chocolate, mistletoe, giving gifts, you'd have to be a real Scrooge not to love everything about Christmas.

Well, Gareth Neavy claims to be a true Christmas hater, so his friends went the extra mile to try and force him into the Christmas spirit.

The result, as you'll see in their video, is a whole room - including the bed, the dresser, and even Neary's DVD collection - wrapped in jolly red wrapping paper.

You have to give these pranksters credit, even in a sped-up video it's clear this joke was a LOT of work, even for two people.

Hopefully, coming home to a room papered in Christmas wrap will give Neary a new fondness for the holiday season - it probably won't, but it was funny anyways.

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