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He Plans The Most Elegant Marriage Proposal For Her, When She Turns Around, She Is Speechless

When a woman says she's looking for the King to her Queen, Kornelius knows exactly what she's takling about. This dashing man plans the most incredibly elegant sunset marriage proposal for his girlfriend of four years, Rachel.

At the begining of the video he is adorably awkward and nervous, the excitement seems to vibrate off of him as he describes the moments leading up to the big day. Obviously overcome with emotion at the thought of becoming a husband and father, he chokes up a little and then puts on his game face.

When Rachel arrives, she thinks that it is for a couples photoshoot. They ride the elevator to the rooftop helipad where a sleek black and gold helicopter is waiting. The classy couple pose together in the setting sun with the pastel cityscape as their backdrop. For the final picture, the photographer tells Rachel to stand in front of Kornelius, then spin while she tosses rose petals in the air. When she turns around, she lets out a squeal of delight and surprise. She says yes and he sweeps her up into his arms for a spin. This ladies and gentlemen, is a modern fairy tale come true. Long live their love!

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