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He Returned His Christmas Gifts To Pay For A Friend's Funeral

Sometimes it takes a child to remind us all the true meaning of the season of giving.

Last Thanksgiving Katrina Luck, from Cincinnati, Ohio suffered a heart attack. Luck never recovered, and by Christmas her doctors were planning to take her off of life support.

Luck had no life insurance, and her family knew they would struggle to pay for her funeral, so they set up an GoFundMe page called "The Homecoming of Katrina Luck," asking for donations to help cover the costs of her burial.

That's when Joseph Martin, an 11-year-old boy who knew Luck through his grandmother, offered to help in the only way he could.

Martin returned the clothes his family had bought for him and donated the cash to Luck's burial fund. His grandmother, Kim Taylor, was so inspired by his generosity that she also returned the Coach bag her daughter had purchased for her. Together, they donated $245.

Luck's daughter, Kynisha Lewis, told Local 12 News in Cincinnati how she was impressed by Martin's kindness.

"It was touching to me, it was something nice to do. Because he's 11," she said, "you'll never know if some kids would have did that."

People across Cincinnati were clearly touched as well. On the GoFundMe page for Luck's funeral, the event's organizer, Nikka Howell, wrote that "Many people have contacted me wanting to send Joseph Martin Christmas presents."

I have talked with Kynisha Lewis the young woman that was featured in the news segment with Joseph and Kim," she wrote, "and I was told by her that Joseph doesn't want any presents, for people just to make a donation."

As Martin explained in his interview, he never wanted the attention that his story attracted.

"I wanted to help my grandma out," he said, "and she was my friend."

We could all learn a little something from Martin, and the generosity he showed to someone who needed it the most.

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