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He Risks Being Burned By Lava To Capture Incredible Photo

You know when you want to get that perfect picture? A selfie, a scenic shot, a candid moment between family? It can be a tricky task capturing the exact right moment.

But have you ever risked your life to capture Mom and Dad eating birthday cake? I doubt it.

Photographer Mike Mezeul II faced death in order to capture the beauty of Mother Nature all in one shot.

While in Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii, Mezeul saw his opportunity for a great shot and went for it. He captured the moon, the Milky Way, a meteor, and a stream of lava all in one shot. Meanwhile, I'm happy if I can get everyone looking in the same direction during a group shot!

"I was literally in shock," Mike said. "It was my third frame to shoot after the sun had set, and after I saw the meteor, I knew I couldn't beat that image, so I packed it up and headed back."

It was a 13 mile hike to get to where Mike Mezeul wanted to shoot the picture, and he only had seconds to do so. The lava was so extreme, he risked being burned or even killed.

Take a look at the picture. I'd say it was worth it.

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