He Saved Her Life, Then He Proposed To Her

When Nicole and Seth first met, she was falling off of a cliff and into his arms.

In July 2015 Nicole went canyoneering for the first time at Tear Drop Canyon in the Moab Desert. This was her first experience with climbing and everything that could go wrong did. Being anxious and new to climbing, her nerves got the best of her and Nicole slipped.

She let go of the rope, she lost her footing and then she fell about ten feet. She thought she was about to die.

Seth caught her in the belay underneath and reassured her that everything would be OK. Still shooken up, and probably a little embarassed, she shouted back "don't tell me what to do!" He gently lowered her into his arms. With her feet on solid ground, she thanked him and ran away. Friends later gave her Seth's phone number - they met up again and hit it off.

One year later, Seth plans the ultimate proposal surprise by bringing Nicole back to the place where he first swept her off her feet:

Could this couple be any more beautiful? Congratulations on your engagement!

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