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Her Military Dad Was Nowhere To Be Found, So This High School Senior Rushed To Her Side

For young cheerleader, Addie Rodriguez, a moment of heartbreak quickly transformed into one of surprise and joy when her own knight in shining armor swept her off of her feet.

Addie, a 9-year-old fourth grader at John Bosco Elementary School in Texas, was reduced to tears during a very important part of her routine. After the girls performed a routine with their mothers, it was the father's turn to lift the girls, but Addie's father wasn't there.

Able Rodriguez, Addie's father, has served in the military for almost seven years, including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a medevac tech in the Air Force, currently training at Travis Air Force Base in California.

Although Addie knew he couldn't be there, she still missed his presence and began to cry.

That's when her knight leapt into action.

Matthew Garcia raced down from the bleachers and lifted her up onto his shoulders, just like the other fathers had done. The senior at Central Catholic took a moment to kneel in front of the young girl and speak with her before hoisting her up.

Addie's mom, Alexis Perry-Rodriguez, 25 , told TODAY about the moment: "(Addie) was kind of shocked and scared at first, but then when he knelt down to tell her, 'I'm going to pick you up, too,' she was really happy and thankful,'' Rodriguez said. "She said, 'He saved my life, mom!' He made her feel so good about herself."

Garcia's younger brother was playing in the game for St. Luke Catholic School against Addie's school, St. John Bosco Elementary. When he saw the little girl crying and realized that her father wasn't there, he just couldn't stand by and do nothing.

"I understood what it was like to not have a dad there, so when I saw her crying like that, it just struck a chord with me," Garcia told TODAY. "It was instinct, I guess. I just couldn't see her like that."

What an incredible guy! Watch the video below. If you think we need more people with a heart as big as his, please Like & Share!


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