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He Sinks A 500 Foot Putt, Through A Sports Bar

The staff at Allstar Sports Bar in Bristol, England have a very special way of ringing in the new year. The bar's general manager Shane O'Hara and his assistant Tom Woolman set up an elaborate trick shot and share a video when they pull it off.

This year's shot has been a real hit. Since the pair posted it on the bar's Facebook page, it's been watched more than a million times.

What's so special about it? Well it involves 50 pool cues to guide the different balls along, the shot travels across 9 separate snooker tables, and it took 11 hours to set everything up. The whole shot takes two minutes to play out across three floors, and it's pretty hypnotic watching everything fall into place perfectly.

Do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing. After all, they spent 11 hours getting it ready for you.

In case you're curious what last year's trick shot looked like, it's not nearly as ambitious as the latest one, but we've included it here anyways.

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