He Swallowed a Squeaky Toy and He Really Can't Lie About It

We've all had embarrassing injuries we'd rather not reveal the real circumstances behind. For example, I once dropped a 4.5lb tub of peanut butter on my foot and had a limp for two days. Or when you go to the doctor and they ask if you've been eating well and you say yes, even though you can barely remember what an apple even looks like. It happens. But what if you really couldn't hide your injury?

If you're this kid, you really can't. He managed to swallow a squeaky dog toy.

How does that even happen? It has to be a dare. It has to be. Because I can't think of any legitimate reason as to why a functioning human being would think that putting a dog toy in or around their mouth was a good idea. It's pretty funny though. If you watch the video, you can hear it squeaking while he waits for the toy to be removed. My favorite part is when he says he swallowed a dog toy and his mom asks, "Are you sure?" You have to listen to how he answers. It's amazing.

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